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Not Being Blonde

Not Being Blonde

counting the losses 
               the lost

awkward clumsy girls 
who could only be trees 
not fairies 

femininity was blonde and petite (preferably) she had been told
femininity was not being taller than a boy or 

lacking poise
or anything considered ladylike 

it wasn’t chew you up and spit you out
                                                                    or I’m out right now but you can leave a message

so she thought she was not pretty or desirable

she has lived her life
been many things

has loved        been loved
her hair has been every



Afternoon Tea Black and White

Jane Seaman re-discovered poetry whilst studying for a part time MA in Creative Writing at the University of Kent, which she completes in 2019 at the age of 58. She is especially fascinated by hybrid poetry/prose forms and has been published in Confluence, Here Comes Everyone, Quailpipe, and QWF.

A published writer since her early teens, Jane’s novels for children and teenagers have been translated into nine languages. In a varied career, she’s been a waitress, civil servant, care assistant, pole dance teacher, marketing officer, university lecturer, and, last Christmas, an elf in Santa’s grotto. She blogs occasionally at

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