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I Like Science Fiction

I Like Science Fiction

I like science fiction:
truths hidden
behind imagination,
this friction of fiction
feeling like vintage
on my skin,
heretical sins taken in
from the apple of your eye

Oh my,
how you please me.

Scientists becoming Pickle Ricks
in a Matrix gone Interstellar sacred
terminated by forces awakened
in young Jedis tattooed Tatooine naked.

He wants to hold hands
but my Hans be Solo,
chewing backa that princess
I detest-
give me laser beams,
then maybe,
I’ll sport the bikini.

Arrive the aliens in my mind
of dark skies,
painful sighs,
confused scars made in the middle of the night.
I dared to fight time,
see beyond linear lines
drawn by lies
what humans perceive
with their eyes
there is more space
between you and I
despite your bite
on my tongue.


Till a new idea cums.

1,587 terabytes done. Yum. I won.
“Good morning, Danielle.
Are you ready for an Odyssey?”
He says to me,
my E.T. gone green
hypnotizing me to be
his new home
please, please

Galactic shock
up the buttocks
till the Robocop steps in.
Fifth Element Korben
takes me in.

I am the confession,
judged by Dredd
for my transgressions.

I squanched.

It led to the launch
of Icarus caught
in sunshine,
be mine,
wined and dined
by the third kind,
encountered with
District 9
I would rather my wings
melt and die
than cry by your side
on a Planet of Goodbyes.

Bring me
the Enterprise.

I’ve gone Jurassic,
primitive classic,
one big pile of mad shit
from the triceratops
oh god,
nothing can make it stop
Clever girl,
splicing and dicing
DNA with frogs
his chromosomes got caught
on mine brought on
by the hot naught

Our genes splayed on sheets:
Pandora unleashed
with Tesla’s prestige.
Donne Darkie and his rabbit
like the scene,
sitting in a closet,
“Don’t mind me.”

Contact A.I.
I’ve been body snatched,
primed and deep fried.
My spotless mind
turned to a fly
Inception gone awry
I need to die
I need to lie
I need to buy
a ticket back to the past,
future is what lasts.
Not what you thought it’d be,
reported minority.
Harassed and crass amassed
in orange clockwork
incarcerated by Wall-E’s
brass mass.

Run the blades
to recall the moon,
his hall of multiple men
to fall ill and crawl
to Iron Giants.

I want to be the exit
yes, yes

Leave the mess,
clothes undressed,
face redress than
express the rest
of my madness.
You weren’t the best,
a clone, an alien’s
pistol plasma unpleasantness.

I wanted the friction
of your science fiction
nothing made omniscient
you won’t win
my mission
is impossible:
I’m just human, you see.

Abducted by the genre of unforeseen,
careening, mean, teaming futures
gleaned and dreamed by
lean, keen surgeon’s sutures
gone nuclear
to mute her


A human wishing to be
more than it seems.
Inject stardust to my blood streams,
then I’ll scream,


Get Schwifty.


Danielle Ureta-Spontak earned her Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Kent in 2018. She is currently travelling the globe in search of captivating stories, capturing them, and cultivating them into literary elements. When she’s not story-crafting, Spontak enjoys playing piano, pumping iron at the gym, and practicing MMA moves in courtyards. She firmly believes that if you’re going to write adventure, then you have to live it first and foremost. On the side, Spontak teaches English and often finds her inspiration in the energy of her students.



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