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London Is Ours

London Is Ours

London is



               The place for me

London is down

Can you wait?


Londoners priced out,




The London Eye is not a Ferris wheel


Londoners need transport that works

                      shun dream of country life

London is home to the tallest what in Europe?

London is home. 

 A forest.


London is ours.


London is ruined,

London is dead,

Londoners vs Zombies

London is hell


                              Killing me.

London is stranger than fiction,

Very beautiful, unaffordable,


               A m a z i n g.


               London is ours.



               I will rock you, 


 is next,

               Picking up personal adornment,

Will you be my valentine?


Londoners with a suit of many buttons,

               On bikes

               On the western front

Stealing marathon water


London is exhausting

               Is eating itself

               Is red


               Is blue

Will be underwater,

                              Your Oyster.

London is calling you,


London Is


A good


‘London Is Ours’ is a poem made from a collection of unknowable people. Each phrase has been lifted from google auto-fill search suggestions. Typing in ‘London is…’ and it's variants, and seeing what gems turned up. I spun each suggestion into this poem and saw a web of what London is. What lies beneath? What is it people across the world want to know about us Londoners? What is London to the world? What came out was this churning palimpsest, each suggestion coming into a theme that had its contradiction, but they harmonized in their own way.  The only decision I took was to ignore those directly related to Brexit. In the wake of Brexit, we are defining and redefining what London is to us, to England and to the world. Maybe I will do one post-Brexit and see what changes. I suspect more things like “Are Londoners INSANE?” and by that point we all probably will be. 

London at night

Tara Griffin is a MA student at Kingston University. She's a museum professional, photographer and pigeon enthusiast. She studied English Lit and Creative Writing at the University of Kent, and now finds her love and talent for telling stories transmuted from words, to objects and images. She’s primarily interested in exploring the relationships between places and people, especially telling the stories of London and Londoners. Her other big interest is participation and co-curation. She desperately wants to smash the authoritative "writing on the wall" often found in museums and devises participatory elements and workshops for museums and galleries.

Instagram: Taeriagriffin


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