Submission Guidelines

Nothing is as precious as the moment an idea pops into your head, a piece is finally finished, or that rare moment where one feels proud of a creative achievement.

So why not share that?

We are open for submissions all year round from current and graduated University of Kent students. You can submit anything from short stories, poetry, essays, play scripts, articles, interviews, photography, digital art, scanned/photographed drawings and paintings, videos, soundtracks and so on.

If we can format and arrange it on a website - you can submit it!

Intrigued? Good. So here are the practical details and the things we need from you:

  • All submissions go to:

  • Make sure to include your full name and the title of the piece in the body of the email, alongside a 1-3 sentence abstract.

  • A maximum of 3000 words for prose pieces, 50 lines for poetry, a collection of 12 photographs or pieces of digital/scanned art, and 10 min for videos and sound pieces. These are rough guidelines, we are not here to mark you. If the piece itself warrants it we are able to make exceptions.

  • Every submission should be accompanied by a 100 word bio. We would like to know if you’re a current or past student, what degree you are studying/studied (and if past tense: what you are doing now), any achievements you are proud of, and finally: three random facts about yourself!

Once the submission has been made it will be reviewed by our editorial team. If we like it, we will publish it! However, some pieces might warrant a little editing before publication. Don’t be frightened - we just want to showcase your work in the best light possible.

If you are submitting any photography, digital art, videos or sound clips, we would like a brief (or long!) explanation of the work: what inspired it, what you hope it achieves, a funny story about the creation process, or generally just anything you believe the viewer should know about it.

So what are you waiting for? Submit now!

Got a question?

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