School Day

In another country I cause red explosions on white with a workbook after midnight and wake in the morning to count the bites, always in competition with my brother to see who is more delicious. He is.

Oriental Sunrise

He parked his car behind hers.  He watched her walk up the drive and turn her key in the lock.  She pushed the door.  Clicked it shut behind her.  Nice neighbourhood, he thought.  Of course it was fucking nice.  He counted to twenty, then got out and followed.  He glanced behind at the pavement.  Empty. 

The Chair

Floss sits in the chair across from her therapist Max. Max is dressed in casual formality. They are a few minutes into the session. Floss’ posture is tense but not uncomfortable.

Does this book go in the sci-fi section?

Go into a bookshop and look up Vonnegut in Fiction: there’s Slaughterhouse-Five, quietly minding its own business. Then go to Sci-Fi and Fantasy and you’ll find the rest of Vonnegut’s output there, usually in the form of a single sad copy of the Sirens of Titan.